Annus Mirabilis

Annus Mirabilis (n.) (phr.) a remarkable or notable year in history; a year of wonders or miracles, used to speak hopefully of the future.

(Are end-of-year posts going to become tradition? Looks like it!)

I started this post 12 months ago with the intention of turning it into another letter from the past, but never managed to actually sit down and write anything, so this has been a blank draft until around 2 hours ago. Oh, Past Anna, with your incessant Tumblr blogging and nonexistent WordPress blogging. It’s a shame too: this past year has been a pretty eventful one as far as years go. Here’s a list of ten notable things that have happened, for the sake of posterity.

  1. Graduated from high school! Wow!
  2. Went to a bunch of places in Europe, which has been on my bucket list since the day I learned Europe is a continent.
  3. Enrolled in college! Look at me, adulting.
  4. Did the scary AP English exam that I have honestly been dreading since grade ten! Lived to tell the tale!
  5. Decided my future!
  6. Finished some poems; started 38462 poems, most of them still drafts! I’m not even joking
  7. Learned how to drive! Also lived to tell the tale, which is a miracle, if you ask me.
  8. Survived finals season for the first semester of college without too much crying! *cheers*
  9. Started and finished 61 anime series! (This time I’m actually not joking. I counted. If you ever need recommendations, I’m your gal.)
  10.  The most important of all: I baked brownies and they didn’t turn green like the Green Muffin Incident*. All is right in the world.
*Once, long long ago, I decided to try baking muffins. It was from a box mix so I thought, “What could possibly go wrong?” When the muffins came out, they were green. Evidently, a lot went wrong.

Looking back, more Big Events (graduation, starting college, etc.) have occurred this year than other years. When I started this post back in January, I was more than a little terrified of all of them. My thinking was, “How am I ever going to survive until December?” Now having survived, I’m not too sure what I was scared of. That’s life, I guess: you stress about things until they’re over, then look back and wonder why you were stressed. Your Future Self is looking at the current you through the memories you are making right now and thinking, “Man, I didn’t even need to worry,” which is both comforting and aggravating: comforting because everything will work out, aggravating because current you doesn’t know how it all works out. (If only letters to the past were a thing.)

But hey, we’ve survived yet another year of agonizing over whatever it is we were once stressed about. We’ve all become the Future Self of the person we were in January, and we’ll keep evolving into subsequent Future Selves. Letters to the past may save us a lot of stress, but they take the excitement out of the process of becoming, which is kind of what life is all about, yeah?