Past Correspondence

Yoooo, Future Me:

One of my New Years Resolutions was to write a letter. I’ve decided to make it out to you, though you’re me — just older, and hopefully a bit wiser. I know I feel wiser than 2013 me, but then again, maybe it’s just that I have better grammar and sentence structure.

I hope 2014 was good to you — me — this is confusing, but anyways. They all say that 2013 was our character development year; the proverbial filler episode in our respective television series. 2014 was pegged as the year we would all get on with adventuring through life. Every year has its potholes and speed bumps, but for some reason 2014 seemed to everyone like a really great beginning.

Hopefully you’re not disappointed with what has transpired over these 365 days. Maybe something big happened. Maybe it wasn’t just a single something. Maybe you have an honest-to-goodness job, and you now know exactly what field you want to pursue after high school. Maybe you met some people who are the Eren to your Mikasa*. Heck, maybe you’ve found a person who you feel you want to spend the rest of your life with, even though you’re still just in high school. If that’s true, then congratulations: you have exceeded expectations, because I’m lovin’ the cat lady idea right now.

*In the anime Attack on Titan, Mikasa is the awesome lady-friend of protagonist Eren, and she kicks butt. If anyone touches Eren, they then prepare to die by her hand.

As for blogging, I hope you’ve written something that doesn’t make you want to cringe and rip your eyes out (looking back on most of the posts from 2013, that’s I want to do). But if you do feel like that, I suppose it just means improvement. Besides, you’re probably cringing while reading this letter. Make sure you still post this, y’hear? But anyways, whether it be poetry or miscellaneous balderdash, I hope it’s half-decent. Also, maybe you’ve kept a semi-regular posting schedule (something more impressive than obtaining a significant other).

I don’t really know what you look like or what has happened (in my case, what is going to happen) in these 365 days, but one thing a friend has shown me is that a lot can change. Sometimes the impossible can become possible: like, maybe you have super short hair now. I don’t know. (I’m really liking the long hair, if you ask me.)

Your drawings are probably a lot better, and you’ve read books and watched animes that I haven’t even heard of yet. You’ve most likely gained weight, and maybe you’re taller too. Perhaps you’ve voluntarily worn shorts for the first time in coherently recorded history and you now know how to do the makeup thing if necessary. Hopefully you’re better at saying no to people.

Of course, you’ve possibly figured out the meaning of life.

Ah, who am I kidding. But seriously, I hope you’re a little better at navigating this life thing, and that you don’t doodle so much in class anymore. That will — in all actuality — be the death of you and your academics.

Don’t forget to breathe, floss, or be awesome.

– Anna

January 1st, 2014

Past Me,

My hair is longer. That is all.

– Anna

January 1st, 2015

No but actually, it’s been one heck of a year. Judging by the types of things I wrote privately in January (all sad and angsty rants, most of which seem comical now but were earnest at the time), it’s clear I was in a muddy, emotional hole. I didn’t really know what I was doing life-wise or school-wise or identity-wise, etc. This affected my friendships and my grades, the latter then affecting my relationships with family, and then all of those contributing to further sinking into the mud– the cycle continued, and it sucked.

Fast forward to now: I’ve hauled my grades up from the chasm of who-knows-what, set plans for after graduation, and slooowly dragged myself out of that muddy hole. It’s taken a year, but it feels like I’m finally getting my stuff together and starting out again, sans mud.

So happy new year, people of the blogosphere! I hope that all of you also came to defeat a hole (or maybe multiple holes!). And if you’re still stuck (which sucks), I hope this is the year you finally pull yourself out.

Let’s keep truckin’ and conquering all of the mud holes ever. *raises fist in The Breakfast Club style*


3 comments on “Past Correspondence

  1. Significant says:

    A letter to myself in the future

    I have no idea what I’m doing hopefully we make it to the future and you actually exist

    A response

    Fuck if I know


  2. […] this post 12 months ago with the intention of turning it into another letter from the past, but never managed to actually sit down and write anything, so this has been a blank draft until […]


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